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Art Prints: The Affordable, Original and Valuable Alternative

In the vibrant world of art collecting, original prints present an accessible yet authentic option for both new and seasoned collectors. Unlike reproductions, original prints are artworks in their own right, created and often hand-finished by artists. This blog explores how art prints can be both an affordable and valuable addition to your collection.

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The Allure of Original Prints

Authenticity and Accessibility: Original prints, such as lithographs, etchings, and screenprints, are created by artists using traditional techniques. Each piece, often part of a limited edition, carries the artist’s signature, making them genuine works of art.

Edition Information

Limited Editions: Limited edition prints are produced in a specific, finite quantity, which can enhance their value and collectability. The smaller the edition, the more valuable the print might be.

Open Editions: Open edition prints are not limited in number but are still original prints. Due to them being less exclusive, they can be more affordable and accessible.

Print from ATUN Gallery

The Value in Prints

Investment Potential: Many prints, especially those from well-known artists or limited editions, can appreciate in value. They are a fantastic entry point for those looking to invest in art without a large budget, although some can still achieve eye-watering prices.

Banksy art print

Making Prints Work for Your Space

Versatility in Decor: The varied sizes and styles of prints make them adaptable to different spaces. A framed print can be a centrepiece in a living room or add character to a smaller space like a study.

Making art prints work within your home

Important Considerations When Buying Prints

When buying art prints, it is crucial to be careful that what you are buying is indeed original and authentic. Here are three ways that can help you buy original pieces:

  1. The Source: Always buy prints from reputable sources. Art galleries, reputable dealers, and artist websites are safer options than unverified online marketplaces where sometimes the deals may be too good to be true!

  2. Return policies: Before making a purchase, understand the seller's return policy. A reliable seller should have a clear policy in place.

  3. Guarantees: Some dealers and galleries offer authenticity guarantees, providing added assurance for your purchase.


Final Remarks 

Prints are a fantastic way to delve into the art world, offering originality, affordability, and potential value. They allow you to explore different artists and styles, and can even grow into a meaningful investment over time. Whether you're starting a new collection or adding to an existing one, consider the unique charm and worth that prints bring to the table.

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