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Three Artists to Watch This Year

The art world is constantly evolving, with fresh talents emerging and offering new perspectives. This year, three artists stand out for their unique approaches and captivating work. Let's dive into their worlds and see what makes them so exceptional.

Think of the Children 2022, courtesy of the artist, photo from

Ken Nwadiogbu: The Pioneer of Contemporealism

Ken Nwadiogbu, a Nigerian-born artist based in London, has made a remarkable pivot from civil engineering to the realm of fine art. A master's degree holder from the prestigious Royal College of Art, Nwadiogbu brings an engineering precision to his artistic endeavors. His work is characterized by large-scale pieces that blend hyper-realism with contemporary styles, creating an immersive experience for the viewer.

The visitor V, 2023, courtesy of the artist, photo from Nwadiogbu is credited with introducing the 'Contemporealism' movement, a fusion of contemporary thought and realism. His art isn't just a visual treat; it's a conversation starter, delving into themes of identity, culture, and the human condition. His latest exhibition, "Fragment of Reality" at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, is a reflective journey of his adaptation to life in London, exploring themes of community, belonging, and nostalgia for home.

 Wish You Were Here, 2023, courtesy of the artist, photo from

Keita Morimoto: The Modern Day Rembrandt

Keita Morimoto, known for his mesmerizing cityscapes and portraits, brings a blend of classical techniques and modern narratives. His art is a unique intersection where the theatrical lighting reminiscent of Rembrandt meets the urban landscapes akin to Edward Hopper. Morimoto transforms everyday scenes – from vending machines to fast-food shops – into extraordinary visual narratives.


His work is a commentary on the structural fragility and ethical dilemmas of modern society.

Courtesy of the artist, photo from

Morimoto uses light as a symbolic motif, juxtaposing its natural and sacred qualities against the backdrop of consumerism and industrialization. His remarkable pieces have been exhibited at prominent venues, including the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada (MOCA) and The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery.

Courtesy of the artist, photo from


Johnny Izatt-Lowry: A Dream Weaver on Canvas

Two jeans, 2021, courtesy of the artist, photo from

Johnny Izatt-Lowry, originally from Durham and now based in London, crafts paintings that transport viewers into a dreamlike realm. His works are an exploration of the uncanny and surreal, where familiar scenes are rendered with a unique sense of eeriness and wonder. The textures in Lowry's paintings are not just visually striking; they evoke a sense of calm, inviting viewers to delve deeper into their subconscious.

Lowry's artistic language is original and thought-provoking. His ability to capture the essence of dreams and the surreal through his unique textural approach makes his work stand out in the contemporary art scene.


These three artists, each with their distinctive style and approach, are reshaping the landscape of contemporary art. From Nwadiogbu's contemporealism to Morimoto's modern-day cityscapes and Izatt-Lowry's dreamlike creations, they offer fresh perspectives and immersive experiences to art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Keep an eye on these talents, as they are sure to continue making significant impacts in the art world.

Two suits, 2021, courtesy of the artist, photo from

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