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Cigarette brand Lucky Strike commissioned Keith Haring to design a series of posters & advertisements for them in 1987. In turn, Haring submitted 10 pieces in his trademark and unique style, 9 of which were accepted. The 10th piece, Haring wrote in his diary, depicted a smoking skeleton, which Lucky Strike executives were not too pleased with. 5 of the pieces were selected to be printed as limited edition screen prints, and 3 were also released as posters.

This original piece from 1987 is screen printed with 5 colours on thick art stock paper by Serigraphie Uldry Bern of Switzerland and is plate signed by Haring.

Keith Haring Lucky Strike Artwork

SKU: 0020
  • Title: Lucky Strike Poster

    Artist: Keith Haring

    Medium: Seriograph

    Size: 10x70cm

    Condition: Excellent

    Signature: Printed Signature in image (not hand-signed)

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